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Affordable Fruit and Vegetable Shopping Tips

 Keep it simple!

Buy fruits and vegetables that are ready-to-eat, pre-washed, and pre-cut when possible.

Celebrate the season: 

Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season.  They are easier to purchase, less expensive and flavorful.  Check local listing to see if there is a local farmers market in your area.

Stick to your list: 

Take time to plan your meals out ahead of time.  You will save money by planning ahead and only purchasing what is needed.  Never shop when you are hungry!

Save money!

Check local newspapers, coupons, and online for any sales or specials that will help cut costs on produce.

Organic is important:

When possible look for organic produce.  Start with the dirty dozen and clean fifteen list. See the list attached.

Plant your own garden:

Start your own garden no matter how small or big.  This is a great way to incorporate fresh, flavorful additions to your meals.  Herbs, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes are great options for gardening beginners.

Buy small:

Some produce does not last long.  Buy smaller amounts to prevent spoilage.  Look to see what produce should be stored in the fridge or on the counter.

Store brand does not mean bad:

When possible stick with store brands.  It is typically the same produce or product for a cheaper price.

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