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PRP and Prolotherapy Chandler Az

Got Pain and Don’t Want Surgery?

Prolotherapy & PRP (platelet rich plasma) are both non-surgical procedures done in office to reduce pain and stimulate healing at the site of injury. These type of injections have been around since the 1950’s and currently are being used by many professional athletes. They are used to stimulate healing of injuries such as sprained ankles, torn ligaments, or tendons, and other acute or chronic complaints.

Prolotherapy: also known, as “Proliferative Therapy” or “Regenerative Therapy” is an injection therapy that works by stimulating the bodies’ own natural healing mechanisms to repair various musculoskeletal problems. It does this through the use of a nutritive solution of an anesthetic, dextrose and sometimes vitamins. It has been shown to be beneficial for the use of various complaints but is not limited to: chronic pains, arthritis, sprains, strains, and torn ligaments.

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PRP: stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is another alternative to surgery and is similar to Prolotherapy. We inject your area of pain with your very own platelets. These platelets contain numerous growth factors and by injecting them at the site of pain they are then readily used by the body to provide increased healing. The uses for PRP are similar to that of Prolotherapy, however PRP is a more potent and a faster working solution then Prolotherapy.

What Type of things can be treated?

Suffering from back pain checkout PRP and Prolotherapy Chandler Az

  • Any Musculoskeletal pain (acute and chronic)
  • Athletic injuries: ligament and tendon injuries, sprains, strains, and tears
  • Overuse injuries: golfers elbow, tennis elbow, shoulder tendonitis, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, Jumpers knee, etc.
  • Low back pain: musculoskeletal tension, sciatica, arthritis, herniated and degenerative discs, and chronic pain
  • Arthritis pain in the: knees, back, neck, shoulders, hip, hands, wrists, feet
  • Weak, loose, and unstable joints: hypermobility, subluxations, nerve impingement
  • Whiplash injuries: neck, upper back, shoulders, low back
  • Sacroiliac joint disorders
  • TMJ syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia & Myofascial Pain

How many Treatments are needed?

The response to treatment varies with each individual and the extent of trauma to the ligament, tendon or cartilage. Some patients require as few as 3 to 6 treatments while others may need more. Once you have begun treatment, we will be able to assess how you are responding.

Suffering from knee pain or have knee arthritis, PRP and Prolotherapy Chandler Az can help you

What will I experience during and after a treatment?

Not every patient experiences pain with the injections. Nevertheless, the injections may be more painful, particularly in the first two to three visits.

After an injection there is usually a significant change in sensation with some contraction or release of muscles and changes in blood flow. You may notice a difference right away or a few days later. After the second or third treatment, these functional changes are usually not so profound.

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I just finished my fourth prolotherapy treatment at Desert Health Specialists for my lower back and I feel like a new person! I have seen other Physicians who either recommended surgery or said I would just have to live with the pain. Thanks to Dr. Papadeas I am now able get back to the things I enjoy doing!

– CK Chandler, AZ

Dr. Fox – Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all you have done. The treatments for the shoulder tendonitis were spot on. Normal day to day activities are pain free. Best of all sleeping thru the night is not a problem anymore.

PS: Finished 3rd at the Tucson Scottish Highland Games!

– TJ Scottsdale, Arizona

These PRP treatments are amazing! My knee has never felt so good! I am able to run and exercise now like I use to! Thanks Desert Health Specialists!

– BM Scottsdale, AZ

My sentiments of gratitude are immense, and my words of praise are abundant, for the “magical” treatment I received from Dr. Nathan Papadeas and Dr. Joelle Fox, after suffering a sprained ankle and a torn tendon while playing soccer. In no time, my disabled ankle returned to full functionality, and the strong pain that I had suffered all throughout my injury, rapidly dissipated, to never return.

I would highly recommend Dr. Nathan Papadeas and Dr. Joelle Fox to any person who has suffered an injury and is seeking caring, professional, excellent, supreme doctors, with an impeccable history and reputation of proven and most successful results.

– PA Scottsdale, AZ