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Natural Pain Relief in Chandler Arizona

Here at Desert Health Specialists we take an alternative approach to helping you find pain relief in Chandler, Arizona. Our goal is to eliminate pain so that you can return to your normal lifestyle. Talk with a Doctor at Desert Health Specialists to determine which treatment option below would be best for you.

Prolotherapy/PRP or Stem Cell

Prolotherapy/PRP or Stem Cell Injections are  “Non-Surgicalpain relief chandler Arizona Approaches” to getting you out of pain. These injection work naturally to regenerate and strengthen the tissue that may have been damaged.

Treatment with either Prolotherapy/PRP or Stem Cell may lead to some discomfort and or pain following treatment for several days. This is your body’s natural healing response after the treatment. However, a majority of patients report a reduction in pain following their first treatment.

Trigger-Point Injections

A trigger point injection consists of injecting a local anesthetic and pain relief chandler Arizonasometimes an anti-inflammatory medication into the area of pain. These types of solutions work to break the continuous cycle of pain being caused by a trigger point. There may be slight discomfort with the procedure, however with home stretching and strengthening exercises the effectiveness of the injection should provide you pain relief.


Acupuncture was developed in Ancient China and has been used for over3000 years. Acupuncture is the practice of stratePain Relief in Chandler Arizonagically placing fine needles into specific places on the body called “Meridians”. In doing so we stimulate the body’s “Qi” to take part in the healing. By doing this we open up areas in the body where there have been blockages in your meridians. This allows the free flow of the your bodies energy to bring in good health.

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 I just finished my fourth prolotherapy treatment at Desert Health Specialists for my lower back and I feel like a new person! I have seen other Physicians who either recommended surgery or said I would just have to live with the pain. Thanks to Dr. Papadeas I am now able get back to the things I enjoy doing!

– CK Chandler, AZ

Dr. Fox – Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all you have done. The treatments for the shoulder tendonitis were spot on. Normal day to day activities are pain free. Best of all sleeping thru the night is not a problem anymore.

PS: Finished 3rd at the Tucson Scottish Highland Games!

– TJ Scottsdale, Arizona

These PRP treatments are amazing! My knee has never felt so good! I am able to run and exercise now like I use to! Thanks Desert Health Specialists!

– BM Scottsdale, AZ

My sentiments of gratitude are immense, and my words of praise are abundant, for the “magical” treatment I received from Dr. Nathan Papadeas and Dr. Joelle Fox, after suffering a sprained ankle and a torn tendon while playing soccer. In no time, my disabled ankle returned to full functionality, and the strong pain that I had suffered all throughout my injury, rapidly dissipated, to never return.

I would highly recommend Dr. Nathan Papadeas and Dr. Joelle Fox to any person who has suffered an injury and is seeking caring, professional, excellent, supreme doctors, with an impeccable history and reputation of proven and most successful results.

– PA Scottsdale, AZ

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