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Is Pain Affecting Your Golf Game?

With the golf season in full swing, golfers around the world are out on the range and the course working to improve their game. Nobody wants to be out on the the course and have their nagging golfer’s elbow flare up. At Desert Health Specialists, we offer non-surgical solutions to treating your golfing pain whether in your low back, elbow, knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, feet or even your wrist. And the best news is with our treatments you don’t have to take off large amounts of time causing your golf game to suffer.

We take a 3 step approach to helping decrease your pain and improve your game.

Prolotherapy and PRP injections are regenerative injections that are done in office to help strengthen the area of pain and provide you pain relief. Usually 3-6 treatments are needed to provide lasting pain relief.
We also assess whether the muscles surrounding the joint are inhibited and we are able to re-activate inhibited muscles thus improving balance, strength and providing pain relief.
We also work with a golf pro who can correct those bad mechanics in your swing and potentially leading to an overall lower golf score.

So, the next time your out on the golf course and start having pain call Desert Health Specialist. We provide pain relief to golf enthusiasts of all ages.
If your suffering from pain give us a call today 480.237.3889

*While Supplies last “FREE Complimentary Swing Diagnosis” at GolfTEC located within the Chandler GolfSmith with initial prolotherapy visit.

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