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Naturopathic Medicine FAQs

Naturopathic Medicine FAQs?

  • For more information about what Naturopathic medicine is checkout our Functional Medicine page.

What to expect at your First Visit?

  • One of the Doctors at Desert Health Specialists will do an extensive history, listening to your chief concerns, request any specific lab work, imaging or records needed to provided you with an individualized treatment strategy. New patient visits will be approximately 60 minutes. We request all new patient paperwork filled out and submitted 24 hours in advance to your visit.

What conditions do we treat?

  • We treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from common colds to sports injuries, from joint pain to hormone replacement therapy and much more.  For a complete list of services and conditions, please click here.

Do we accept insurance?

  • We provided you with all the necessary codes and information for you to submit a claim to your insurance company so that you can be adequately reimbursed. Some insurance companies will cover Naturopathic Medical services. Acupuncture treatments may also be covered by your insurance. Most diagnostic testing such as, blood tests, labs and imaging studies we may require are covered by major insurance carriers. We gladly accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Flexible spending plans and medical savings accounts may reimburse for the cost of care and for nutritional supplements that we prescribe.

What is the quality of the supplements we prescribe?

  • The doctors at Desert Health Specialists provide the best quality supplementation possible. They only use supplements and nutraceutical companies that have the highest quality and purest ingredients. FAQs