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Month: January 2016

Healthy snack ideas for your New year health tips

Easy Ways to Eat Healthy for 2016

The holiday season is over and your 2016 New Years Resolutions is in full swing.  Desert Health Specialists has 7 easy tips for you to follow to help improve your health this new year!

1) Do not keep junk food in the house.

  • When you keep junk food in the house you are more tempted to snack on junk food rather than the healthier items.  It is also harder to maintain portion control when you have a delicious bag of chips sitting in front of you.  When you only have those healthier snack items such as celery and humus it reduces the junk food temptation.

2) Make easy, healthy snacks for the week.

  • Preparing snacks for the entire week will help to cut down on the unwanted snacking.  These snacks do not need to be complicated and elaborate.


  1. Handful of Almonds
  2.  Celery and peanut butter
  3.  Carrots/ celery and humus

3) Do not skip Breakfast!

While there has been much debate about this meal it is the most important meal of the day.  Your body needs that fuel in order to function properly throughout the rest of the day.  If you do not have time to make an elaborate meal try making a smoothie or toast a piece of gluten free bread with almond butter and bananas on top.  You can also cook oatmeal over night to save time in the morning.

4) Plan ahead

The key is to plan your meals ahead of time for the week.  Choose a time every week to go grocery shopping and meal prep that works for you.  By doing this you save time preparing meals each night and can have them readily available to grab and go.  Try preparing 2-4 dishes for the week that can work for lunches and dinners.

5) Keep things simple

Try recipes that are basic and with minimal ingredients.  To prevent from becoming overwhelmed in the kitchen try 1-2 new recipes per week with 5-10 ingredients that you know and can pronounce.

6) Try Creating a Dinner Calendar Menu

Find 6-7 simple recipes that you can rotate throughout the week.  This prevents unwanted and unhealthy dinner options.

7) One Pot Dish Wonders

If you are worried about creating a mess in the kitchen try recipes that require one pot.  These are dishes in which you can throw all ingredients into one pot and watch it cook.  You can also try crock-pot recipes that are just as delicious and require little prep time.

For those who are looking for help with meal prepping or diet planning call Desert Health Specialists Today!

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