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Month: November 2015

Fruit bowl showing how to pick a health snack


How to pick out a Healthy Snack

For most of us snacking is a big part of our day. According to a recent survey most Americans snack throughout the day and roughly 24 percent of our daily calories come from those snacks.  Most of the popular snack choices contain large amounts of sugar and salt, so it is not surprising that snacking leads to weight gain.  This means it is important that you choose the right snacks and the right time to nibble during the day.

Research suggests that you should snack about 3-4 hours after eating depending on how hungry you are.  If you are not hungry then do not have a snack.  If you do get hungry than a choose a higher protein snack instead of a sugary and salty one to help shed those extra pounds.

Here are a few snacks to help peel off the pounds:

  1. Grass-fed protein bar (bison)
    • Bison is a a leaner meat and a great alternative to beef jerky.  It is lower in sugar, high in protein and provides fuel to aid in weight loss and increasing the metabolism and minimize hunger
  2. Organic Pumpkin Seeds
    • Pumpkin seeds contain a wide variety of nutrients ranging from magnesium and manganese to zinc.  They help to support the immune system, good source of omega-3- fatty acids, heart and liver health, and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  3. Avocados
    • Avocados as we all know are a great source of good healthy fat. But did you also know that they are great for eye health, improving skin health, aid in digestion, help with weight management, and reduce inflammation in tissues, muscles, and joints.
  4. 1/2 cup raw Almonds
    • Almonds help with lowering cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease.  They also contain a high level of healthy unsaturated fatty acids and fiber to help with that feeling of being full.
  5. Celery with Humus
    • This is a great healthy and filling snack.  It aids in digestive health, healthy muscles,  and a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.


Needing some extra help in shedding those few extra pounds?

Call Desert Health Specialists and get started on our natural weight-loss program.

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Picture of Thyroid gland and how to manage it naturally

Managing Your Thyroid, Naturally!

Did you know that the thyroid is one of the most important glands in the body.  The thyroid is located in the neck just below the Adam’s apple.  While it is a small gland it plays a large role in the function of many different organs in the body including heart, brain, kidneys, and skin.

Hypothyroidism, or low thyroid function, is a silent epidemic, starting to sweep across America. People can suffer for years with symptoms that our conventional medical system frequently doesn’t know how to treat.

A chart showing how thyroid gland functions and how to manage naturallySo what are a few easy things you can do at home to boost your Thyroid function:

  1. Go 100% gluten-free
    • Eating gluten can increase the autoimmune attack on your thyroid. This is because the molecular composition of your thyroid tissue is almost identical to that of gluten. So for those of you with Hashimoto’s or Hypothyroidism, being gluten free is where you should be.
  2. Address Underlying Food Sensitivities
    • Just like our body’s attack on the thyroid when gluten is consumed, other foods we eat can cause similar types of symptoms. Being tested for food sensitivities is the easiest way to test and by removing those offending foods can decrease your overall inflammatory response.  For more information regarding food sensitivities Click Here.
  3. Treat Your Adrenal Fatigue
    • Did you know that your thyroid and adrenal glands share an intimate connection in your body? We find it very common to see patient with hypothyroidism and some level of adrenal fatigue. Here are a few ways you can improve your adrenal function: quality sleep, exercise, clean healthy diet, and adrenal testing. To learn more about adrenal testing Click Here.
  4. Improve Nutrition
    • Nutritional deficiencies are probably not the cause of your  hypothyroidism, but not having enough of these micronutrients and minerals can aggravate symptoms. Consult with your doctor regarding which of these supplements will help benefit you: vitamin D, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, zinc, copper, vitamin A, B vitamins, and iodine
  5. Say No To Caffeine & Sugar
    • Reducing or eliminating caffeine and sugar from your diet helps decrease the constant inflammation in your body. Not only will reducing these substances from your diet help balance your thyroid symptoms, but there is a chance it could help you lose weight.


If you haven’t had your Thyroid Tested or would like to seek out alternative interventions

Give Us a Call to Get Your Thyroid Symptoms Under Control

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Running on the sand showing the benefits amniotic stem cell treatment in Arizona

Tips to Purchasing Running Shoes

Tips to Purchasing Running Shoes

Have you ever gone to a sporting good store looking for a new pair of running shoes only to walk to the shoe section and instantly become overwhelmed with sheer number of options to chose from. This is a common occurrence for many people who do not know how to buy the right shoe for their needs. Although there is no so called “perfect” shoe for all runners there are various characteristics that may help foster healthy running patterns. Listed below are 5 key characteristics of shoes the physicians at Desert Health Specialists alway recommend to help promote healthy running motion.

  1. Minimal heel-to-toe drop
    • This refers to the thickness difference between the heel cushion and the toe cushion for the shoe. When considering a shoe this is the first thing to assess. (Shoes with 6mm or less soles are consider “minimal” shoes)
  2. Look at Neutral Shoes
    • These are shoes that do not contain stability or motion control elements. These two things can affect the normal foot motions during running potentially leading to injury.
  3. Keep it Light
    • Make sure the shoes your running in are between 8-10 oz for men and women. To heavy of shoes will change your running pattern and to light of shoes might not have enough cushion.
  4. Wide Toe Box
    • To snug of a toe box will affect your running pattern and could cause injuries in your feet. So make sure your able to wiggle your toes in your new shoes.
  5. Cushioning
    • To much cushioning permits extra motion of the lower extremity and to little cushion may be uncomfortable to run in. So walk around the store in the shoes before you buy them to assess the cushioning.

Have more question regard if your shoes are right for you?

Call Desert Health Specialists at (480) 237-3889

*Ask about how you can get a discount of your next pair of shoes!


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Fall landscape portraying how to stay skinny through the holiday season

Staying Skinny this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting cooler and of course all the delicious baked goods are being baked. This is the happiest time of the year, and the most dreaded time of the season for people trying to lose weight. Research shows that on average most Americans will put on a minimum of 2 pounds every holiday season. While this might not seem like a lot, most people will never lose the weight gained during the holiday season. This leads to unwanted pounds being gained each year. But, this is the year you are going to lose weight during the holiday season!  We have listed 7 easy steps to follow that will help you keep the weight off with even the potential to lose weight during the holiday season.

  1. Order Like a Kid
    • That’s right when you go out to dinner consider ordering off the kids menu! Usually the number of calories for kid’s meals is much less then that of adult entrees.  If restaurants frown upon this, look at the lighter options on the menu such as salads. When eating at home use a smaller plate for your meals. This tricks your brain into thinking you are eating more than you really are consuming.
  2. Drink Like an Athlete
    • No, that doesn’t mean you can go out and party like you just won the World Series or Super Bowl. But rather put down those high in calorie alcoholic and sugary drinks and drink more water. When you increase your water, especially prior to a meal it will help prevent you from binge eating.
  3. Spice Things Up & Forget about the Sweets
    • We all have those sugar cravings, especially during the holiday season when desserts are always around.  We have a challenge for you next time your reaching to add sugar to something, consider adding cinnamon instead.  Adding cinnamon can help reduce not only your blood sugar, but also cholesterol and triglycerides.  Spices and spicy food help to increase metabolism and in turn increase the number of calories burnt a day. There are many healthy spices you can add to different dishes. So while your in the kitchen cooking for large holiday meals try spicing things!
  4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
    • Braving the craziness of the shops and restaurants during the holiday season can be quite stressful.  Shouldn’t the holidays be filled with happiness and joy, not stress and anxiety? Well take it from us and don’t sweat the small things in life! Try and block out some time everyday where you can relax. Whether that is taking a calming bath, or going for a walk, taking a nap, exercising or what ever you find relaxing is.  Managing your stress will help you stay in control of your eating and prevent you from going on a carb eating rampage!
  5. Make sure to Veg Out
    • Don’t forget to eat your veggies this holiday season. Vegetables are a great way to help watch your portion control and prevent the unwanted weight gain. Because vegetables contain fiber, other nutrients, and water they fill you up during meals opposed to the unwanted and empty calories carbs  and sweets offer.  This will keep you from over eating and feeling fuller long after meals have been consumed. Vegetables can also help give you a boost in energy in the afternoon by preventing that afternoon dip in your blood sugar allowing you to exercise.
  6. Sleep the Night Away
    • As the days get longer and the weather gets cooler the amount of sleep we get should not be shortened, but actually get a little longer.  Getting good quality sleep helps recharge our natural energy sources.  Resent studies have found that women who slept 7-9 hours a night weighed less on average then those who were sleep-deprived.  Good quality rest helps reduce anxiety and stress which, are 2 major contributing factors to an increase belly fat.
  7. Don’t Forget about Exercise!!
    • As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season gets into swing one of the easiest things to forget about is daily exercise. We understand nobody wants to spend all day at the gym when there is holiday shopping and dinner parties to attend. Getting in a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day can help boost your metabolism to help burn those unwanted calories eaten during holiday parties.


Have a Happy Holiday Season from all of us at Desert Health Specialists!!

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